Monday, February 6, 2017

Love is

You see there's this guy...and he loves me...but more importantly he wants me to love myself. He appreciates and embraces me just as I am. Together we laugh . He likes that I order real food, and sometimes spill, trip, get lost, miss a turn, or even have feelings. He supports me in everything. When we first started dating we had all those "first time conversations." What's your favorite music, movie, hobby, etc. I told him about how I'd always wanted to be a writer...a real writer.
He asked me, "Well, do you write?"
"Yes, some. When I have time." I replied.
"Then doesn't that make you a writer?" He posed.
"I mean a real writer, a paid writer."
" So write me a poem, and I'll pay you for it. Then you won't doubt that you're a writer."
(I never took him up on it.)
I also told him about how I wanted to learn french, so for some time he would send me messages in french (using google translate), because If I didn't practice it I'd never learn.

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