Friday, February 24, 2017


These may seem like small things, but isn't it the small things that make up a persons character. He has never stopped supporting me, and encouraging me. He tells me I'm beautiful and when we're together (or apart, really) I know I'm the only person he sees. He believes in me and loves me in a way I have never known. He understands and celebrates my desire to be the best mom I can, and yet never forgets that I am also a woman. No matter how challenging or intimidating the trial ahead he lets me know that I am more than capable of defeating it. He doesn't fix my problems for me, but rather he lets me know I'm strong enough to solve them...but he's there. I know that when I buckle, because the pain is just too much to bear, he will pick me up and and carry me until my strength returns. For crying out loud he gives me his BACON! Now if that isn't love I don't know what is so... 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Love is

You see there's this guy...and he loves me...but more importantly he wants me to love myself. He appreciates and embraces me just as I am. Together we laugh . He likes that I order real food, and sometimes spill, trip, get lost, miss a turn, or even have feelings. He supports me in everything. When we first started dating we had all those "first time conversations." What's your favorite music, movie, hobby, etc. I told him about how I'd always wanted to be a writer...a real writer.
He asked me, "Well, do you write?"
"Yes, some. When I have time." I replied.
"Then doesn't that make you a writer?" He posed.
"I mean a real writer, a paid writer."
" So write me a poem, and I'll pay you for it. Then you won't doubt that you're a writer."
(I never took him up on it.)
I also told him about how I wanted to learn french, so for some time he would send me messages in french (using google translate), because If I didn't practice it I'd never learn.