Monday, July 31, 2017

Why stop ?

Well , dont .

I wanted to start my little homework with a joke, something to loosen people up and connect us to the here-and-now, something that might establish me as at least good-natured, a little bit clever, knowledgeable person.We are living in a different world now, and I am even less funny now than I was then when I was starting this blog.Except for meditation. I can think and write about meditation, because I first came to it due to suffering, and it is one of the few things that helps me deal with suffering, mine or others’.Or maybe I am just voayer to mine and others problems.

I found that meditation is very helpful.Meditation improves creativity, flexible thinking, concentration, and decision-making. It improves resilience and lowers stress, which is measurable in lowered blood pressure and heart rates. Meditation will feed your writing, making it easier for you to access the writing zone, manage your time so you can write, and bounce back from the inevitable negative events of life so you can spend more time being productive and less time down the YouTube rabbit hole.

One last thing: when I was younger, I worried that if I ever found a way to silence my inner demons, that I’d lose the urge to write. I worried that I’d lose that urge to create, to try to understand the world through words. Meditation may seem like that kind of help not to mention the ability to access quiet, stillness, and concentration in a world of constant, instant connection.

When I discover that I’ve got plenty of crazy for a lifetime.

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