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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The man who cleans up after plane crashes

Spent his career restoring order after mass fatalities: identifying remains, caring for families, and recovering personal effects. Here’s how he became the best at the worst job in the world. 

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Eam stumbled and hacked its way through the jungle. The group had a vague idea of where they were headed and what they would find there. Days before, search planes flying high above the Andean foothills had spotted the debris of a crashed helicopter dotting a steep, rocky slope. Reaching the tangled mess would be impossible from the air, so the team had set off on foot.

Assembled the team: two Peruvian policemen, two investigators, several forensic anthropologists, and a group of park rangers accustomed to climbing for search-and-rescue missions. They all knew this wasn’t going to be a rescue mission.

Thursday, March 31, 2016


Sick - a  -more  .
Sick no more.

Frank Henenlotter needs our help to get his new film finished. THE TRIAL OF MIKE DIANA is a documentary about the infamous obscenity case that saw underground artist Diana jailed for the crime of... making art. Supporting this is a no-brainer. We get new Henenlotter (something the world *always* needs), as well as a film that champions the importance of freedom of expression in art.