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Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Sophie le Roux’s dreamlike Icelandic landscapes
Sophie le Roux, who visits neglected corners of Europe to find the unfamiliar in the mundane and the charisma in its decay. Her latest series examines the wild landscapes of Iceland, ascribing an unsettling and alienating quality to what is traditionally understood as natural. Photographs of small natural objects are set beside vast natural vistas – the sea, the mountains and the crystals and rocks that compose them are all studied in harmony, the hyper-saturated colours defamiliarising these archetypical spaces in a way that allows them to be seen as if for the first time, with a new intensity of focus.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


It was only in January last year that you met with Comrade Duduzane, the number one son of our illustrious president Jacob Zuma. You weren't to know that the liberal snowflakes in our ridiculously free press would get wind of your noble venture and conspire to paint you as a rapacious, unprincipled carpetbagger from the north. It is these malcontents in the media who, when one of their kind drags herself from the swamp and announces that she's taking a job in public relations, move to stand upwind and denounce her as having crossed to the dark side.

Friday, September 22, 2017

From Africa

Rare language , guess which ?

Regija u kojoj je čak 6 mesta zaslužilo čast da se nađe na UNESKO-voj listi širom sveta je poznata kao jedna od najlepših i najpoželjnijih oblasti svetskim putnicima. Savršena priroda unutar koje su nikli neki od najlepših srednjevekovnih gradova budi najlepša osećanja onima koji je obiđu. Firenca, Piza, Sijena, Etrurska rivijera, Muđelo, Marema, dolina Kjane... samo su neki od lokaliteta koji Toskanu čine onim što jeste. Romantični zamkovi, nepregledni maslinjaci i vnogradi i čepresi koji se njišu iznad vas postali su sinonim turistčkog raja.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Beautiful male note

I'm confident she'll think her name is Linda for a while after all the "Que lindas"("how beautiful" in Spanish or Portuguese) she got everyday. South America has been a real joy to travel with a baby and so easy too. Everyone has been so accommodating and helpful (so what's stopping you baby holders?!). It will be disappointing to be treated like normal people again now that we are back in London. No more preferential lines or queue jumping for us. Oh well, it' was fun while it lasted.

from some travel found on last page of phonebook

Monday, July 4, 2016

Detroit , Michigan

Biceps  tatoo.
People   who  fall asleep  while  watching  tv.
In next  life  I will be austronaut  frim Puerto Rico.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Aligator teeth

is to make one

Fashion turtle
So long live secrets ...
Belgradian music band Mistake Mistake
Back in 1998 ...

Sunday, February 14, 2016


                                                          Atlanta , US

Sarajevo , Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sunday, January 24, 2016

After five

The second big advantage for the late Victorians was the introduction of the tea gown.

"The tea gown was almost like a dressing gown, but much more chic. It was loose and had sort of this drapery business. It was the only garment a woman could wear in the company of men that didn't require corsets. So they could get back from shooting or whatever the event had been, take off their corsets, rest, get up, put on a tea gown over a loose chemise — it was perfectly decent — go downstairs, have tea and chat before gong, gong, gong! Then they'd go up, get into their corsets again and get ready for dinner."